Friday , 12 October 2018

Boy room paint schemes

Boy room paint schemes

Create a fancy world by decorating the ceiling in a theme only, so when you’re young boy is about to sleep can enjoy the dream world in the ceiling of his room. Painting with simple colors can be boring for a teenage boy so you need to choose mural paintings. You can involve him in the painting process so that you have great bonding and quality time together.

Choose a sports theme, surf theme or any other appropriate theme as per your boy choice for wall painting. After choosing the paint color, choose the accessories which go perfectly with the theme of the room. If your kid is a grown up boy ask him to write down his favorite colors and in which theme he want the room to be painted. Then start searching for different combinations best suited with his selected colors.

You can take ideas from home décor magazines, paint company catalogues or from the internet also. Choose the best one suited as per your liking and budget preferences too. You can take a sample test by coloring a small portion of the wall rather painting the whole wall and thereafter not liking the look of it.

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