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French provincial furniture: The furniture with the royal touch

French provincial furniture: The furniture with the royal touch

The French provincial furniture is famous throughout the world for their make as well as designs. These furniture pieces are the best in its class of French designing and have been extensively used in the courts of the French kings as well as queens. Later on the different aristocrats of the country of France have come in possession of this exquisitely carved furniture. Basically all the different rich people of France own these kinds of furniture and in the present times, rich people from all over the world, own the French furniture.

These French provincial furniture items were used in different parts of France where the rich people resided. The making of these furniture items took place in the provinces as well as cities of France such as Lyon or Liege. As a result of this these furniture items have retained a distinct identity in their designs as well as cultural background. These pieces of furniture at least the process by which they were carved and designed is quite revolutionary in nature and the designs of these furniture items broke away from the traditional and somewhat conservative forms of designs followed by the earlier makers of French furniture.

The development in the making of the French provincial furniture covered a great deal of time. Different kinds of innovations as well as revolutions in the designing of the furniture were brought about by the making of this furniture. These innovations in the design of the furniture originated in the luxury trades which went on in Paris at that point of time. The time lag between the makings of particular furniture items would sometimes take a decade of time period. These furniture pieces were made in the Loire valley of France as well as in Lyon or Liege which came within the cultural umbrella of France.

There are some typical features which one may associate with the making of the French provincial furniture. Present in these furniture were cabriole legs as well as scalloped form of carvings. The kind of surroundings and neighborhoods in which the maker of these furniture items were present in, got broadly reflected in the designs of the furniture pieces. A wheat pattern carving on the chair shoed that the maker was from the country sides of France. The ladder back chair is a typical design of the French makers of the provincial furniture.

A completely woven seat was usually present in the ladder back chairs of the French provincial furniture. Largely the emphasis was given on the carvings which are present in the furniture, less importance was given to the paint or polish which were present on the furniture to increase its beauty and make it really attractive.

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