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Get a reflection of your personality with vintage home decor

Get a reflection of your personality with vintage home decor

Strength of vintage home decor theme is the strength and improvement in the available space through the furniture item and other accessories in the room. The furniture item which is used for the vintage decor theme are classic in appeal and provide extra space in the room easily. It is a reflection of the room owner’s personality and generally brings appreciation by the visitors. The most common area to buy a vintage theme furniture item is to check an open nearby market where you can discover item for every corner of the house. The theme includes any item which can be reused after slight changes in the looks and functionality. You need to use your creativity like from turning funnels into classic and attractive candle holders and many more such ideas which are usually the outcome of unique creativity of the house owners.

There few benefits of decorating your bedroom with vintage home decor:

  • The style is considered as the most Eco friendly one where you can reuse the different items or accessories to get a new and fresh look in the room.
  • Usually the furniture made up in earlier days are build up with fine quality material in comparison to modern items so you will get durable items with a simple and new look.
  • The vintage decoration items are cheaper in comparison to the modern and contemporary styled items easily available in the market. You can get vintage furniture free of cost by creating the new look of the items kept in your backyard or go down for several years. You need to use your creativity and application of several ideas over it.

You can easily collect the ideas from old magazines, internet to decorate your house in vintage home decor style. Use an old plank kept in the house to create a unique styled shelf .You can even take help from the carpenter. Change the old crib into a vintage styled bench by painting it in attractive color. No need to spend money for accessories rather uses an old bathroom with nice strings to create baskets.

You can create a colorful effect in the room while using various colors in the same area. Use rugs and carpets of dark and old patterns printed over it to get a perfect vintage look. Always use your creativity to decorate the room as it will be a true reflection of your personality and taste.There are various pictures available on the web through which you can gather ideas and select the best one suited as per your room.You can even hire services from an interior designer to decorate the room in vintage look.Bedroom , living room any other area of the room can be decorated with this theme.

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