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The Different Bathroom Tiles Ideas

The Different Bathroom Tiles Ideas

As there are many types of tiles, there are many ways to decorate them. But for the bathroom tiles, you have to be selective, as all the tiles cannot be used in wet spots. It demands a tile that can absorb water and prevent from slippage.

Now, the homeowners like to go with the white tiles, due to its softness and smart look.The design is not a one thing; you should also consider the budget level. Come forth a tile design that serves both, a stylish look and low price.

Due to recent advances in the high definition printing technology, beautiful patterns with unique grey scale shade calibration and maximum resolution can be created on the tile that enables the pattern to be printed all the way through the digital printers, and make the appearance sharp and clear.

Some types of the floor tiles that can carry a high coefficient of fraction to prevent slipping. Choose that matches to the bathroom theme:


The Ceramic tiles are made from clay. Being impervious to the water, they are considered as the best for the bathroom flooring. They come in array of colors, but most often appear beautiful in the dark shade. Apart from the colors, it serves many patterns, sizes and the designs. A dark ceramic tile perfectly goes with light walls.


This natural stone is created from the limestone. Sophisticated and traditional, the stone tiles can be highly polished and serve oodles of varieties. The marble can survive long if cared and maintained properly. It can add an interesting color to the bathroom.

Natural stone:

This class of stone needs extra equipment, if installed in the bathroom, as it is not impervious to the water, so you need to install a waterproof membrane with it. This typical rough and imperfect stone tile can furnish room d├ęcor and a contemporary bathroom.


These versatile tiles can be used both inside and outside of a bathroom. It is dense and hard, so it can handle heavy traffic. Install it on the floor as well as on the bathroom walls, and grab a beautiful and attractive bathroom. This is also water resistant, so can be placed in laundry rooms.


Small pieces of mosaic enhance the design of any space. The mosaic does not chip easily and resist moisture and stains, so they can be easily placed in the bathrooms. Apart from this, it adds a pop of color that gives the appearance of elongating your space.

Rectified tiles:

If tiles cut after backing and shaped or sized perfectly, istypically called rectified tiles. In the modern era, where the designer look is everything, these tiles can top the priority. Rectified tiles laid closer together with smaller grout joints, this give a sleek and modern look. This is not particularly a type of tile, but can be used in the bathroom.

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